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The secret Nintendo Caf opens to the public for the first time

The secret Nintendo Caf opens to the public for the first time

Japan, the land of themed cafes! Coffees Kirby, Super Mario Cafes, Cafes Final Fantasy It exists only in the field of video games – for example, animation is widely covered. But for the first time, a cafe reserved for Nintendo employees and other developers will be open to the public.

As announced Bloomberg, The sweet-named 84 cafe is owned and operated by former Nintendo employee Doru Hashimoto, and was created as a secret developer ghost. He is in Shibuya, still at a secret address, and is forced to reconsider his way of dealing with COVID.

Basically, Doru Hashimoto wanted to create 84 places for developers to relax in an office-free gaming environment. There’s always a little Nintendo touch – for example, a single of The Legend of Zelda plays when you open the door.

84, the name is similar to the year he joined Hashimoto, and Big N. There are many decorative elements out there that testify to Hashimoto’s time. Hashimoto opened the hotel in 2015. Cafe for his friends and he did not excel in discipline – contemptuous of the errors of his last orders. Today, going for a drink at 84 always solves a puzzle: you have to find the address and get started.

It’s not just the Nintendo employees who ate here. The menu also features prominent Japanese developers, Dragon Quest thinkers, Pokemon’s Yuji Hori and Shikeki Morimoto, which serve as a reference point for the light of the medium.

84 Although aimed at a large audience, there is always an element of mystery surrounding it. The address is only shared with the people who book there, and when you look at the large vegetables that have a foot there, they quickly increase. However, Hashimoto wants to see a new generation of coders out there, and suggested the idea of ​​having garlands dedicated to the history of video games and its development.

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This is not the latest example of a Nintendo dedicated space, it makes headlines. We recently learned that a Nintendo Museum is under construction and should open in 2024. An attraction Super Nintendo World Opened at Universal Studios in Japan. A good twist for a company that loves to cover itself up in mystery.

Otherwise, Big N announced its new Nintendo Switch model OLED model on October 8th. The new version of the dock will be available for sale on the Internet, via official channels. Isn’t that really the most anticipated Switch Pro?

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