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Worms rumble announced for Nintendo Switch

Worms rumble announced for Nintendo Switch

Oh Ghosh, is third-party Sony exclusively jumping? Who would have relied on it? However, the game was not able to run on the Nintendo Switch when it was released on December 1, 2020

Team 17 has announced that the Worms Rumble will be released later this year on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. The title has already been available on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 since it was released on those sites last year, but Team 17 – the team that created and released the title – says it can share more. Information on its release in Switzerland is coming soon.

Worms Rumble is a 32-player, real-time, cross-stage arena fighting game that will revolutionize the Worms series. Get ready to fight the mahogany death and the last worm, of which only one sacred pomegranate can destroy you!

Get up in ranks to punish invertebrate enemies with your favorite weapons such as bassocs, shotguns, sheep throwers and new additions to your arsenal. Customize your worm, participate in seasonal challenges and events, and discover new ways to play in the lab. This is a redesigned Worms game.

The first real-time worms!

There is no twist-based battle in the Worms Rumble. Every game is in real time! If your enemy sees you, do not wait to fight again!

32-player multiplayer and cross-platform games

Get ready to fight online on consoles and on the computer. Death to the Mogots and Last Worm Standing Solo and Squadron Royal Methods are available from the introduction!

Familiar weapons with new ways to play

Get all the new weapons like Rocket Launcher, Plasmoblaster and Rocket Shield or good old favorites like Pasooka, Holy Sacred Grenade or Sheep Launcher.

Events, Challenges and the “Lab”

Participate in community and seasonal events, as well as daily challenges to gain sporting experience and rewards. Experiment with new weapons and game mechanics in the lab. Every week, you can discover new test methods with new fun ways!

Player customization

Gain experience and game coin to unlock and buy arms skins, clothing, accessories and accessories! Customize your character to bring your own style to the battlefield.