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the legend of tianding nintendo switch

The Legend of Dining: Dayton begins in October

The Renaissance Following a new announcement, 2D will touch all continents Game of the genre Ninja Turtles By Totem, Now the turn of the Taiwanese historian who defeated enemies by horizontal scrolling The Legend of Dining. So the title will be adapted from life Liao Dianting (Or Liu Thiam-Deng), A famous Robin Hood thief, who was of great concern to the Japanese colonial authorities at the time. Author Neon theory The game also emphasizes this aspect, “In terms of real events, real people and real situations“, It will be a study”A place and time that is often overlooked“.

The Legend of Dining Also, presented in a graphic style “Traditional Chinese mangaIt flatters the retina (As always, you have to pay attention to the accuracy of the animations and the hitbox). As for the game, all of these will be very classic, melee kung fu and many combos, as well as many weapons will take to destroy more quickly and efficiently. Amulets can also be used to increase statistics (Health, Tolerance …) Of your character. Finally, a traditional Taiwanese card game will be implemented in the game.

The title of the studio C.G.C.G. Coming out Click Ann October 2021.

Trender’s presentation and presentation

Play as Taipei City Awareness Liao Dianting (Akka Liu Thiam-ding) who was desired by the Japanese colonial authorities. In the early 20th century Taiwan’s notorious illegality of stealing from the rich, feeding the poor, and fighting for justice.

Based on real places, real people and real life situations, The Legend of Dining is an exploration of often unnoticed place and time, presented in the style of a traditional Chinese manga.

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