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Nintendo Player – Blue Reflection Second Light: Featured Demo Available at Nintendo EShop

As the release is scheduled for the next few weeks, the publisher has released a demo dedicated Blue reflection: second light.

In the last few hours, Koi Techmo Has published a trial version on Nintendo iShop From Blue reflection: second light, Out of the title November 9, 2021 Its Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 And finally PC (Steam) Thanks to this exclusive demo, you can preview some moments of this new experience and you will receive some bonus content in the final release once Thanksgiving is over. This production was done by a well-known development team Cost, Has recently enjoyed considerable success with the last few episodes Adelier.

Here is a brief official overview of the topic:

A new title in the Blue Reflection series is Mel Kishita’s stunning translucent graphics and story of young women who address the theme of identity and interpersonal bonds. Under a blue sky surrounded by clear water, the sun burns the skin of Ao Hoshizaki. Looking at the summer scenery, one gets the impression that the woman has been abandoned in a world wandering aimlessly. In the distance is a school building inhabited by three girls who have lost their memory.

The only thing they can still remember is their own name. Despite the confusion in his head, Ao decides to start a strange life with three little girls who try to collect as many clues as possible to try to return to his own world. Until one day, in this world where there is nothing but water around the school, suddenly a path appears, which leads them in the presence of a new situation. At the end of the path there is a mysterious place where there are indescribable things to them.

He decided to take the lead in the situation, the girls decided to go ahead, but the first step was taken and a monster never seen before appeared. When they have no hope, women gain a mysterious power. In a world trapped in eternal summer, some young women have lost their memories. What will they get if they can solve the mystery?

Stay tuned!

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