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Nintendo Switch OLED-Modell

Extra screen protection image recommended – Nintendo Switch (OLED model) shows weakness in scratch test – ntower

Two weeks ago we announced it was new The Nintendo Switch (OLED model) has an anti-scratch protection layer Integrated, which, according to Nintendo, should prevent the base glass layer from deteriorating if damaged and should not be removed under any circumstances. YouTube and tech expert Jerry RickEverything is now staring at the LED screen, with the new Nintendo Switch and more. Scratch test Mohs have only one value on the hardness scale 3 points out of 10 Can be achieved.

In other words: even items like coins or keys in your pocket can lead to visible scratches on the outer layer of plastic – the plastic screen of the original Nintendo Switch Model (2017) and Nintendo Switch Lite (2019), which can be accidentally scratched-tested (1, 2Each has the same end. Do you want to protect the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) from scratches and reduce the risk of breaking the glass screen? Recommended, You Additionally a soft glass screen protector To increase. Watch the scratch test video here (from 1:30 pm):

From 8:45 am on the edge of the Nintendo Switch (OLED model), Joy-Con controllers are attached, examined more closely in the video – it is now Very stable Than the original Nintendo Switch model.

You can share your previous experience with the Nintendo Switch screen (OLED model) in the comments.

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