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Nintendo permanently removes Netflix from its consoles

Netflix discontinues use of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U on June 30, 2021. In fact, there is no way to see Netflix on a Nintendo console at this time. The situation does not appear to be ready to change, with the manufacturer making no announcement about the arrival of the streaming service in Switzerland.

As Nintendo announced in January 2021, Netflix officially disappeared from the 3DS and Wii U on June 30, 2021. Therefore, after the withdrawal of Nintendo from iShop in December 2020, this application quietly disappeared on both consoles. What should we remember? First, users of these consoles need to find another way to view their series. After that, Now there is no way to enjoy Netflix on a Nintendo computer.

If other consoles, PS5 And La Xbox Series X. At the forefront, Nintendo is committed to further differentiating their multimedia offerings and highlighting gaming and gaming only. Already in 2018, Nintendo explained why he did not like Netflix on his console. “As for the switch, Nintendo focused a lot on launching the gaming feature, but not on the video feature, which is not a priority for them. If that changes over time, we have a better relationship with them, and we may be interested in Netflix support on the switch. […] It could happen ”, Scott Mirror, vice president of the Netflix ecosystem for partner devices, explained.

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Nintendo does not need Netflix to sell switches

Only after three years Nintendo does not seem ready to change its mind, Netflix’s arrival in Switzerland is evidenced by his silence. This level deceives many players who want to enjoy the streaming service on their hybrid console. Due to the ease of transport and its large screen, Switch is a great device to watch on Netflix.

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The situation is still unexplained as YouTube and Hulu have been available on the computer for many years now. Either way, the lack of Netflix will not prevent Nintendo from selling millions of switches. In February 2021, The switch broke the 3DS record by surpassing 80 million sales.

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