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Nintendo support forums may close

Nintendo denies allegations of forced labor in its production chain

Nintendo The last meeting with the stakeholders had to ask some questions. Except for the hot question about one Nintendo Switch Pro, There was another embarrassing, serious question about forced labor NintendoFactories. Nintendo It is one of several companies investigating forced labor in China.


The Nintendo Presidents Shundaro Furukawa It is known that Uyghurs may have been forced to manufacture their products in Chinese factories. Uighurs are a minority in China. An investigation is underway into whether they acted contrary to their wishes or whether they were being housed in re-education camps.

Apple and Nike

Apart from other popular companies Nintendo So stuck at the crossroads Apple And Nike. However, it is reported that companies are not aware of these situations. After all, the respective factory is responsible to the employees and thus the companies concerned should be relieved of responsibility.

Nintendo’s Inquiry

Furukawa Says Nintendo Now the suspicious production facility has been meticulously monitored and no signs of forced labor have been detected. Generally Nintendo Stop all cooperation if any person – not just Uyghurs – is forced to work in a factory.

Many companies have been affected

A total of 82 companies are currently suspected of carrying out some forced labor on their production chains in China. While companies may not have known this before, now it is up to each individual to figure out how Nintendo To assess the condition of the site and get an idea for you.

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It is not in the interest of any of the companies mentioned that forced labor is used. There is a risk that any company that manufactures overseas will have no control over the conditions under which the work is carried out. We hope that one day humanity will be able to free itself from forced labor and so on and that every person will be able to live with dignity and freedom.

They are: