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Nintendo is exploring all the possibilities, and now the EVO has come from Sony -

Nintendo is exploring all the possibilities, and now the EVO has come from Sony –

Now that EVO, The PlayStation hosts the world’s largest and most well-known fight match, and one wonders what the future holds for all games that are not on Sony consoles. The mind goes immediately Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, Is one of the most successful products in recent years. Commenting on the acquisition, Nintendo He said he would henceforth explore all the opportunities for his game online and offline.

Yesterday’s news came like a bolt from the blue and caused a real earthquake in the world of competitive fighting games. Now that Sony has acquired the Evolution Championship Series (EVO), the most popular fighting competition in the world, many are wondering what the future holds for this competition. Or if it stays Independent They will host all the most popular games, regardless of the site they are hosted on, or if they become a valuable display item for fighting games on the PlayStation.

While waiting to see how the system will change, Nintendo has released one Official report In the agreement between Sony Interactive Entertainment, RDS and Evo.

“Nintendo has enjoyed engaging fans in previous eras and wishes the tournament organizers the best in their new adventure. To evaluate Evo and other opportunities as we plan our future online and offline Super Smash Brothers competition activities. “

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