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Reaction to the Nintendo ~ Pokemon Millennium

Reaction to the Nintendo ~ Pokemon Millennium

To be surprised, Sony Interactive Entertainment e R.D.S., New section Sports Endeavor has announced the acquisition Evolutionary Championship Series, Also known as competition EVO.

This is a very popular and important competition Fighting game Is one of the most well-known and most followed in the world, as well as in the sports scene. That’s why on the one hand came a bolt-like message from the blue that struck the public associated with competitive games like this Super Smash Brothers Ultimate The Street Fighter Vs., On the other hand, has raised some doubts about the potential impact of titles far removed from the brand PlayStation.

In fact, players are no longer wondering whether the races will be independent of the change of management and the platforms required to access them. While waiting to find out what the future holds for EVO, its spokespersons reassure fans of the signed work Masahiro Sakurai, When Nintendo Commented on the story by an official statement:

“Nintendo has enjoyed engaging fans during previous EVOs and wishes the tournament organizers the best in their new adventure. We will continue to evaluate EVO and other opportunities as we plan future future online and offline Super Smash Brothers competition activities.”

SIE and RTS hold competition rights Triple Perfect. Tony and Tom Cannon, co-founders of EVO, will continue to work Key consultants To ensure that the traditional sense of competition is maintained. EVO 2021 It will be held in two sessions from 6 to 8 and from August 13 to 15. Admission is free and players in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America can compete Deccan 7, Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, Death Combat 11 Ultimate e Crime Gear -Strive- . Online qualifying players will be broadcast live on

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Additional updates on this issue are expected in the coming months, so we are waiting to see if Super Smash Brothers will be the protagonist of the next edition of the Ultimate competition.