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Nintendo, don't listen to scary talk JPGAMES.DE

Nintendo, don’t listen to scary talk JPGAMES.DE

During the soon-to-be-announced announcement of the “Nintendo Switch Pro”, the following text will be updated again. Definitely debatable. Enjoy!

Original from March 2021:

This time I read a lot about the fact that Nintendo should not build a new console. The best thing to do is to build Nintendo on the Nintendo Switch because this concept has finally proven itself. Novelty? Why, no please, thank you! I can better understand this concept and I have already written a paragraph. But there is a second perspective that I want to get rid of today.

Nintendo, don’t stop these brakes on innovations. Of course, the Nintendo Switch is successful and proven. But if this is a criterion for not allowing further innovations, we will be wandering around with the WiMode 3 today, swearing through drive control in the new Zelda. Probably very few of you would have liked it.

We have ‘better’ enough, ‘less’ different

Let Nintendo do what they have been doing for over 130 years. Tinker and invention. Fear of innovation and strangeness is certainly a deep-seated man, but what should we fear? Can’t find any new, super good games for us? Yes, the absence of new video games has been obvious for a long time. No.. On the contrary, it is the lack of innovative video games. Aren’t we simultaneously complaining about the countless remakes and remasters waiting for us every month?

Why should we slow down Nintendo here? Innovative new hardware will also provide innovative new ways to play. It is always offered to other console manufacturers The better But cannot become Different. While nothing short of a PlayStation VR sales success, Sony should be commended for continuing VR gaming. Microsoft also has qualifications such as adaptive controller. But these are just some of the gadgets for the console. We already have that next console will be better. Let Nintendo do the next console differently.

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Even the biggest console failures offered great games

Anyway, look at the past. Even in times of Nintendo Wii U’s unprecedented failure, Super Smash Brothers: Tropical Freeze, Pigmin 3 and Zelda: Breath of the Wild (which is now the switch) were offered on Nintendo for Super Mario 3D World, We U, Donkey Kong.

There were Splatoon, Hirol Warriors, Pokemon Deccan and Super Mario Maker. Not to forget the Bayonetta 2. These games are still enjoyed by many Wii U, after all, survivors, and many players still enjoy them for the first time today. If such a lineup is the risk we have to face with a new Nintendo console, the Pew. But I’m scared. The GameCube and Nintendo 64 consoles may continue to be the next worst (in terms of sales). No, we did not go back to the virtual guy.

A switch 2 has a good chance of failure in the middle

But I would also like to propose a dissertation from a different direction. A Nintendo Switch 2 may not be as promising as everyone thinks. I think a switch 2 will technically disconnect very quickly and it won’t work for long. The Nintendo Switch already has loads to keep running with the PS4 and Xbox One. If you want to add the technically superior PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, these are the ultimate generation devices.

The chances are good that the Nintendo Switch 2 will never, technically, catch the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox series. This also means that co-development for the switch will be increasingly difficult for publishers and developers. If a Switch 2 appears, Sony and Microsoft may even return to the first mid-generation, and the gap will widen further.

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Now, Nintendo is talking speed for the switch. But who says it will stay that way? The video game world may have seen the ‘switch’ concept that Switch Light has already taken to absurdity anyway.

Then Switch 2 is technically the worst console.

There are enough things that Nintendo can change. For example, video games should be discontinued after a certain period of time and Nintendo Eeshab should be stopped immediately. But Nintendo should not change: have innovative ideas and the courage to implement them. Even if they fail.

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