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New secrets emerge from the old copy of the Earthbound ~ Pokemon Millennium

New secrets emerge from the old copy of the Earthbound ~ Pokemon Millennium

The Video Game History Foundation Discovered new secrets about Earthbound, The popular Super Nintendo RPG released in 1995.

However, to better understand history, we must dive into the past. In 2018, the former employee Nintendo of the United States He saw an old man Floppy disk It was used for the English localization of the Earthbound. While trying to read the contents, the developer was disappointed to find that the original files were no longer available. He deleted them long before he could write other text documents. Expert So he decided to donate the floppy disk To the Video Game History Foundation, hoping they can analyze it. Since then, the system team has been able to access every partition on the disk, thus recovering all the old files.

The recovered files contain information related to this Unused game dialogs, Even a demo presented in 1995 of the Rejected Game Dynamics and Consumer Electronics Exhibition. The results so far cover only 15% of the total data and reveal new details about this fascinating video game that went down in history.

During its leap from Japanese to English, the Earthbound changed in many ways. I started documenting these differences 20 years ago and most recently wrote a 400 page book on game localization. But when I thought there was nothing to write about this, the Video Game History Foundation miraculously covered half of Earthbound’s English localization of old development files. I can not believe we’re learning more about this 25 year old game!

Rich Whitehouse, Video Game History Foundation

We know that fans of this series are very excited about the secrets of Earthbound, which still surprises us so long after it was released. We think it will be good Review a topic from the series on the Nintendo Switch, It is time to reconsider this historical fellow in all its glory.

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