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Nintendo Celebrates Today’s Release of the Android Tread with a New Trailer – My Tower

Endless waiting time has finally come to an end: 19 years later, it appears today Metroid Fear The eagerly awaited successor, finally released in 2002 Metro merger As a retail version of the Nintendo ESHAP and the Nintendo Switch. At the same time, the related story of the Metroid fear takes place Five Part 2D Saga A worthy decision, with that Metroid Started and finally I want to create a magic again in the video game world.

The average rating on Metacritic 88 also speaks its own language In our game test Samos Aaron caught it Excellent rating. Of course, Nintendo celebrates the release of the Android Tread with the finals Trailer – You can find it here:

All information about the Android Tread can be found in many news including its content and news Related game profile As well as on Official website From Nintendo. Overview of Metroid Fear Reports Vol. 1 to 10 We have listed the following for you:

Have you already played the Android Tread and agree with General Tener?

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