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Nintendo 3DS

Interesting: Nintendo 3DS fan uses 3D handheld camera function during a concert – ntower

The Nintendo 3DS holds a special place in the hearts of many video gamers. Not only did it offer fantastic games and the ability to play Nintendo DS titles, it did 3D-effect A considerable technical gimmick that has been forgotten for years.

What is a feature that is rarely talked about Camerafunction des Nintendo 3DS. You can not only take photos but also record videos. Highlight: Both shapes are recorded in three dimensions. The video function in particular was able to deliver surprisingly good results, for example if you were filming an approaching tunnel. Low resolution 0.3 megapixels Quickly confirmed the re-use of cell phone cameras as an optional method for capturing special moments. However, a fan of the band “Bring Me the Horizon” sees the whole thing differently in 2021. And is his Nintendo 3DS in “Aqua Blue” color, The same model that was released in 2011, is used to record musicians’ performances in 3D. The identity of this secret hero is unknown, after all, a Twitter user captured the whole thing (not with the Nintendo 3DS) in the video.

How many 3D videos did you record with your Nintendo 3DS?

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