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Nintendo brings you back the Nintendo Switch online • JPGAMES.DE

Nintendo brings you back the Nintendo Switch online • JPGAMES.DE

The Nintendo Switch is viewed online by Nintendo fans with mixed emotions. It is sometimes expected that Nintendo will inevitably offer online services for money only.

Of course, Nintendo fans sometimes look at the console competition with envy, where there are plenty and updated free games in addition to online services. Nintendo Switch Games offered online may not please all Nintendo fans.

However – Or maybe it’s because – Nintendo now gives you the opportunity to try out the Nintendo Switch online again. Pei my Nintendo You can generate a code for 0 platinum points. Leave this code out This website One and you can The Nintendo Switch is free online for seven days Test

You must pick up the code at 9am on September 11, 2021, until then the promotion will only run. You can also use the trial phase if you have already used a free trial phase. However, if you do not currently have an active subscription.

What you can do during the testing phase

You can not try NES and SNES games from Nintendo Switch Online. You can play Tetris 99 or Back-Man 99. You also have access to the games in the audit stages. Minecraft dungeons are currently here To removeBut, only until tomorrow. Additionally, you can definitely use the cloud service. For at least seven days.

If you decide on the test phase, focus on the smaller axis. After five days, the trial phase will automatically be extended by one payment month. If you do not use a children’s account. You need to disable this automatic update in eShop.

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Pictures: Nintendo