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Closer and closer to the Nintendo Switch Pro: New confirmations on the firmware

Closer and closer to the Nintendo Switch Pro: New confirmations on the firmware

Nintendo Recently released a new update Click Will carry Console firmware version 12.0.0. This is a significant number change, however, and is not integrated with the new features that justify a major update, and the official changelog reports a bug fix that prevents it from loading automatically into the cloud. Nintendo Switch Online.

Nothing particularly interesting, or at least not at first glance. Real messages are hidden in the firmware code, all hidden in the same direction: Much has been said about Switch Pro. If you dig into the new framework, you can see how this update introduces support for a new subset Dear, Or Cradle (Name used locally to refer to a dock) Class. The latter is the code name The next switch variant has been identified for some time.

Other clues in the firmware – report and Restructured dall’account Twitter Oatmeal Dome We also see new signs of potential support for video output in 4K format. New features of the USB port, in fact, now include voice “4kdp_preferred_over_usb30“, No It can signal the use of USB display port mode when carrying a 4K signal. Apparently this last point is a conjecture given by the description of the words in the new post, so it is better not to consider it officially, but Only credible. Also, among the update innovations is the possibility of updating the existing firmware in the switch dock – for the first time.

In short, Nintendo is working on the new console and it is now clear that the time is not far off. Views follow each other at high speed Both from unofficial sources – But reliable, just like Bloomberg – Thanks for the first leaks directly from the console firmware. We remind you of the rumors about Switch Pro (It will not be anyone’s official name) Recommend that you get the update on a large hardware platform that allows you to achieve console resolution Thanks for the 4K DLSS, In addition to providing a New 7 “OLED type panel And the almost constant shape factor.

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