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Ninja vows to drop Fortnite, angry against stream sniper - Nert 4. Life

Ninja vows to drop Fortnite, angry against stream sniper – Nert 4. Life

Ninja Yes it certainly is Got angry Subject Stream sniping One during a game Fortnight, Threatening to abandon the epic game game altogether if these kinds of situations continue to arise.

If you do not know, stream sniping is defined as killing a streamer during a game (in the game, of course). Accurate vision Where the target is, it is a priority to catch it at the moment of difficulty or over-exposure.

This is obviously a false practice because it allows the attacker to take advantage of the web Benefit, Getting the opponent’s vision and knowing exactly where he is and what he is doing so that he can take advantage of a blind spot or commit to a moment of distraction or other threats.

However, this is a popular trend against streamers because it allows you to Attacking celebrities Thus getting the most important (figurative) “scalps” to be put on display, perhaps recording clips on video.

After many events like this, the ninja may be Blurred Anyway, going into a rage against everyone: “Good on you, buddy”, the famous streamer said, “Create your fucking clip and send it to your friends, you killed the ninja, I did not play long, I will not play it anymore. I’m back, able to kill you anyway, even if you work 12 hours a day to the level where I can take you down without any training in competition. “

In short, a live streaming scene often occurs to streamers and ninja, especially some mistakes (or assumed) received during a live game. However, in this case it seems that Streamer also wanted to pour a lot of bile on Fortnight and him. Social, Who is really responsible for its success: “This game is so stupid, man,” he said. “Like his community, these kids, they’re so stupid, it’s not fun anymore, the truth is, they’m damaging the game too, because I do not want to play or stream it.”

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After the mixer was shut down, the ninja explained the reasons for his return to Twitch long ago and his rejection of YouTube, although this did not protect him from such scenes. On the other hand, a few days ago he announced that it was not his job to advise his audience on social issues, but that a distraction from time to time instead of scenes like this would not be bad.