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Ninja Streamer threatens to stop playing

Ninja Streamer threatens to stop playing

Fortnight The most popular Battle Royale game today. Tyler “Ninja” Flewins is one of the biggest titles known in the game. A streamer known for his game skills. For months, this player has been plagued by a constant problem with web personalities, a community of giants who were able to push the ninja out of bounds.

Fortnight: The ninja was trolled by his community

Tyler Flewins’ problem Fortnight Not coming from the game, But instead of its soldiers. We can go further by saying that his community just wanted to stop playing. A community that takes great pleasure in coming to destroy parties For a nonsensical reason, once a ninja starts one.

In fact, The so-called “stream sniping” ninja. In short, if you are in a game, you find a famous player – in this case a ninja – in a game like you, Go see her stream Find out where he is going and what he is doing. An element similar Fraud This is very easily possible Fortnight Because 100 players compete in one living room.

Ninja attacks his community

More and more victim of stream sniping, Decided to talk in the video released by Ninja Youtuber Thatdenverguy. According to the professional streamer, it will be more and more difficult for him I will play Fortnight Competitive and almost impossible Do it directly on the twist. :

They are children. Get out of my areas! Leave me alone. You don’t have to prove anything by going down in a fucking game and running towards someone who knows where they are. But good for you, man. Take your fucking clip and send it to your friends. You killed the ninja. I have never played in ages. I’m not playing it anymore. When I come back, I still kill almost all the idiots. I’m going to play it because everything they do is harmful to the game. I don’t want to air this anymore.

Very annoying, Ninja hopes he will never play again Fortnight And stream. It is for this reason that he is now focused on streaming other competitive games such as Streamer League of Legends or Valentine. Let’s see what Tyler Flewins will do in the future, but Its time Fortnight Done soon.

Recently, Fortnight Was in the heartA controversy with First Lady Brigitte Macron, who started a sling against the game, Worry Addictive ability of the game.

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