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News about Mobility 2022, Restrictions [SCARICA TESTO in PDF] For the unions they create inequalities among teachers, currently only signed by CISL

News about Mobility 2022, Restrictions [SCARICA TESTO in PDF] For the unions they create inequalities among teachers, currently only signed by CISL

Meeting at the Ministry of Education between Ministerial Representatives and Trade Unions on the Sub-Agreement for the Movement (2022-25). According to data collected by Orizzonte Scuola, four of the five unions (Flc Cgil, Uil Scuola, Gilda and Snals) did not sign. For now, only Cisl Scuola has signed on to the contract renewal.

NB Mobility operations will begin and application submission dates will be specified in a few days. Flc Cgil, Cisl Scuola, Uil Scuola and Snals have not signed, but if the issues raised are considered, negotiations are yet to resume.

Presented in the 4th paragraph of Art. 1, Oversight of the Movement The parties may make changes in the CCNI in the presence of legislative and contract terms, the consequences of which must be acknowledged..

We remind you that the CCNI must be approved by the general process and that the Ministry will set dates for the submission of the application with the specific order.

According to Viale Trastevere’s calculations, in September 2022 At least 100,000 teachers will have the power to change schools (34,000 for 2019-20 school year, 19,995 for 2020/21 and over 45,000 for 2021/22).

The expected changes to the draft agreement are:

Teachers were hired in the 2019/20 academic year: Thanks to the Sostegni bis decree, their bond was reduced from five years to three years. So they can also submit inter-provincial transfer application. Support for recipients of a seat after the transfer will be the new hurdle identified by the order: three more years.

Teachers hired during the 2020/21 school year: They can also apply, if the new subsidiary CCNI is signed for the next three years, they will have the opportunity to apply for relocation only after two years in the province of employment (compared to the initially expected five). . Then, in the next academic year, they will be released from the three-year bond and will have the opportunity to apply again if they are not satisfied this year.

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If they are satisfied with one of the requested locations, a new three-year bond will be triggered for them.

Teachers hired in the school year 2021/22: They can submit a voluntary application for relocation between provinces and / or provinces. Once the site is selected, they will be issued a new three-year Sostegni bis Decree. If they do not receive a transfer or do not apply, they will remain at the place of admission and will not be able to apply for the next two years.

New three-year bond from 2022/23 for all teachers who transfer between provinces

According to Orizzonte Scuola’s findings, the new hurdle proposed by the Sostegni bis decree should be about the headquarters obtained following the inter – provincial relocation.

Only CISL has signed

like this Madeleine KissySecretary of CISL Scuola, the only union to sign the agreement today: “We think about the people, we will not ignore the right of students to education who should have a teacher they can trust.

What other unions do not like

“The ministry has refused to continue negotiations on the text, which points to a number of important issues, and FLC CGIL, UIL Scuola, Snals and Gilda have been ordered to take immediate leave or leave without signing.” So on a note the unions.

It is still: “There are many more restrictions on the speech, which will damage the entire school staff, representing more than a million people, who see the danger of being blocked by the non-removable legislative constituencies. “

Then: “The easing of stay restrictions, which are only valid for one year, will create an imbalance between all teachers involved but in different school years, so that for some, the restrictions will end this school year, for others who have studied consecutively for years, and for all those who have already worked, The professors have, too, put forward wherever they request: the signing of the additional agreement thus defined signifies the adoption of additional restrictions – note the four secretaries I have decided.Continue the discussion – underscores the dire situation for all activists, even if the obligation is not apparent.

“Continuing the discussion is a responsible process, and our goal is to write clear and unambiguous speech. Deserves attention and in-depth analysis “.

“The purpose of the bargain is to improve the conditions of the workers – they reiterate – but the victims of the aggravation in this case are more than those who manage to take advantage of it.

“At this stage the question has a purely political dimension: Minister, whose intervention we are asking for, who should clarify the negotiation capacity of the points we have underlined.”

In particular, the unions Flc Cgil, Cisl Scuola, Uil Scuola and Snals explain what is wrong with the text given.

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a) The CCNI Movement is valid for three years and refers to the content of the National Collective Agreement: Therefore, if the new CCNL for the three-year period 2019/2021 is signed, it will be necessary to provide for its reprint in the next 2023-24 and 2024-25 years.. All of these should be explicitly stated in Article 1, and CCNI cannot insert rules contrary to the rules of the CCNL.

b) The language to be used is of a contractual nature and should not be re-proposed following legal references, considering them as regulatory sources. Clarifications to be sought by the administration in respect of the case referred to therein shall be found in the order of the Minister. For all other aspects Signed Rules Will be the result of agreed expansions e They should be clear and clear to everyone And not like DPCM.

c) LReducing stay restrictions, which are only valid for one year, creates an imbalance between all teachers involved but hired in different school years.For some, the bond will expire already this academic year, while for others it will be in the next school year.

DisorderThree-year ban extension for all professors who have already served Any place they requested: The CCNI signature thus defined means that the parties accept the restrictions of the law, outlining a contemptuous position instead of obtaining the status of upgrading elements for all applicants, even if the mandatory requirement is not explicitly considered.

D) Strongly Discrimination imposes permanent restrictions on newly hired DSGAs, Were excluded from the regional movement, for which it was asked to start a discussion on possible mitigation.

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Pacifico (Anief): “Too many restrictions”

“More restrictions are in place, and no guarantees have been introduced, even in the case of temporary assignments or staff transfers: how do these rules protect hundreds of thousands of teachers and ATAs from being interested in changing their location?”, Ideas for Orizzonte Scuola, Marcello Pacifico, Anif National President.