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The new update clears the way for delayed online mode

The new update clears the way for delayed online mode

PC gamers still have to wait for multiplayer

  • Watchdog Legion will soon get its multiplayer mode – but initially only for consoles and studios
  • PC gamers need to be patient indefinitely
  • Fixes some issues with update sites

The new update for the Watch Docs Legion builds consoles in the upcoming multiplayer mode. Yesterday, Monday, March 8, the patch rolled out in preparation for Ubisoft’s online component.

Online mode was originally expected to appear in December 2020 with a free update, but has currently been postponed by Ubisoft to focus on issues with single player mode. One construction site after another will always be fine.

Online mode live on consoles on March 9 at 4 p.m. As Ubisoft reported last week, the PC version of multiplayer mode has been postponed indefinitely and will not appear at the same time as console mode. This is due to a problem that causes the game to crash for players with certain GPUs.

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Leader of the pack, the game’s first tactical move, has been postponed to March 23 on consoles and stadiums due to a crash issue. In mode, you can run up to four different story trips and other co-op endcom content.

In addition to multiplayer products, Ubisoft has also fixed minor bugs. For example, after Title Update 3.20, your masks will no longer disappear from the shelves, and many issues that caused the game to crash have been fixed.

Buildings can no longer be hidden and searched on the PlayStation 5 – they may become temporarily invisible in the open world. Despite the uniform, Stadia players can now expect that they do not trigger an unwanted alarm from security cameras or light beams. Additionally, Watch Docs Legion will no longer crash if you use a deeper profile when your menu is open.

You should also be relieved to hear that the Xbox players in the series X / S will no longer crash the game by accessing different types in one store. Graphical errors are now less common.

Full link notes can be found here Forum from Ubisoft.