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Computer battery is a trick that lasts longer than normal

There is a very simple trick to making your computer battery last longer. Here is what it is

Computer battery, how to make it last longer (Pixape)

Especially the urgency of infection and Spreading smart work, Computers have become a basic work tool even from home. For convenience and ease of use, they are very popular Laptops Than the standard ones. One of the factors to take into account is the battery life of the latter, which after a few years Begins to give problems.

In fact, the reasons should not always be stated exclusively For the aging period of the device. In fact, there are some simple tricks to greatly improve the performance and autonomy of the system. Here’s what to do For longer use with reduced autonomy.

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Here is how to increase system battery and its performance

System battery
Advice to use Powerbank (Pixie)

There is a specific trick that will allow you to upgrade your system battery: Use of power banks. These are basically portable rechargeable batteries that connect via a USB port and allow your device to extend its performance by several hours. There are many online, but you have to be careful about the characteristics: some really are Can only be used on smartphones.

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The first factor to take into account is the power bank voltage, which, if not fixed, can cause great damage to the PC. The advice is to choose one Starting at 25000mAh. As more milliampere-hours increase, more recharges are possible with the same smaller battery. This way, your laptop It will never be expelled.

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