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New World: Amazon’s MMO attracts and annoys at the same time

Image: Amazon Games

After many delays, the moment of reality has come for Amazon’s first game blockbuster. The start of the new world is a huge success: MMO attracts a lot of players, but also has a lot of criticism this time. However, this is mainly related to technical aspects.

At first glance, Amazon has finally reached a milestone with the new world and released the first big, successful blockbuster game. As soon as it was released, the number of players skyrocketed, while 707,000 adventurers traveled to the peak. This puts New World at the top of the steam rankings: nothing else is often played at this time.

However, gamers are not very enthusiastic, as evidenced by the “balanced” reviews of Steam. The good half of the approximately 19,000 estimates are negative. This is not the fault of the content or the fault of the game, they have been corrected in the course of the test phases and have already left a positive impression. In contrast, technology poses a significant problem: Amazon has provided a very limited number of servers. The size of the problem occupies the page With numbers. Especially in the first hours of launch there were massive wait times, according to the site, the six-digit number of players placed in the queue, which significantly exceeded the number of players on the servers. The waiting time was in the range of several days.

No game is currently played more often than MMO

No game is currently played more often than MMO

Currently ratings

Currently ratings are “equilibrium” only

The initial interest in the New World is excellent

The initial interest in the New World is excellent

In the meantime the number of existing servers has increased, but their selection is also a fundamental problem. A server can have a maximum of 2,000 players on the road at a time. Since it is possible for someone else to create and play a character after leaving, it is very difficult to return to an already created character – more players want and want to play on the same server, which further aggravates the problem. In addition to the new servers already connected, more are to be added. There will also be an opportunity for a free text exchange in the next two weeks, Give up Developers.

“Q Simulator”

The reviews talk about “Super Q Q Simulator” and give “10/10 home” that one has time due to the waiting situation. Many beta trials have taken place and it has been criticized that Amazon operates enormous data centers, so it is not difficult to estimate the attack and there is no lack of infrastructure. In this regard, problems are not an individual and a wasted opportunity – a clean start may have set Amazon games apart from other publishers, where such fights are part of the standard talent.

The numbers do not reveal whether the new world will really have lasting success. Getting to the top of the Steam rankings signifies the nature of a success, but Amazon praised the streamers in advance along with the start of sales, thus stirring the drum. The decisive factor is whether Amazon’s efforts will be able to retain players in the coming weeks. To that end, Endcom worked hard on content during the studio move behind the game.

The authors would like to thank the computer base reader “Jakxx” for pointing this out to you!

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