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IPhone 14, New Design and Wireless Charging – Hi-Tech

The iPhone 13 has now hit stores, but news of the September 2022 edition is already circulating online. In his latest ‘Power on’ newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Kurman started talking about the next model and the changes that Apple is about to make. The most important thing that is missing is the camera and face ID on the top today. But wireless electricity, i.e. wireless, will not be a detail after the EU’s demand for a single charger.

Earlier this month, John Froser, another expert whistleblower in the Apple world, revealed that he already saw renders with a ‘hole’ design on the front of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, with a single circle. .

So there is no ‘under-screen’ camera, which, among other things, allows you to use the display with large pixels on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 sensor for selfies so it can be hidden. It is unclear how Apple will make the ambient light sensor, infrared chip and other sensors needed to make Face ID work.

Analyst Ming-Ci Quo instead pointed out that the iPhone 14 range will only have wireless power without a charging port. This would allow the US company to avoid the European Commission’s option of pushing technology devices to use a standard USB-C port. Apple will need to upgrade the current wireless power time, which is significantly longer than the wired mode. In early September, Guo said that Apple would release the foldable iPhone in 2024 rather than 2023, according to its earlier reports. (On the handle).

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