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Android-App NewPipe

New Pipe: Ads and Google YouTube without sign-in

The official YouTube app for Android offers many features. Nevertheless, in the view of some users, there are no important functions. For example, clips cannot be played in the background. Without ads, the developers of the Android app are trying to get even more out of the video site – including the questionable access permissions and functionality for offline playback on your smartphone.

New Pipe: An Alternative to the YouTube App

Basically, New Pipe is a streaming application that displays content from YouTube and other services. It’s free and guarantees that its users will not be tracked and ads will not be removed from YouTube clips. Special thing about this: New Pipe is open source. This means that anyone can check any function at any time (with programming knowledge). Also, there are some authorizations for the application.

New Pipe: Practical Benefits

In addition to the download function, two useful playback options stand out: on the one hand, you can play YouTube videos as pop-ups, and on the other hand, you can only play audio with the playback option. You can do other tasks on the smartphone at the same time or turn off the screen while listening to your favorite content. This is very interesting for music playlists.

New pipe in use: Normal display mode (left), pop-up playback via another application (middle) and an overview of integrated services (right).

New Pipe: More than just YouTube content

As already mentioned you can not only watch YouTube images with New Pipe, you can also integrate content from SoundCloud, BeardUp, Bandcamp and Chaos Computer Club (MediaCCD) Video Portal.

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How does the New Pipe work?

Called the wrapper, New Pipe searches YouTube’s websites and clearly shows the content in the app. The software filters out unwanted information such as advertising. Additionally, NewPipe does not use any proprietary Google APIs, and developers promise that less data on user identities will be sent to Google. The application is configured to send information only to external servers that are required to run media. New pipe-Website.

How to install NewPipe?

The new pipe is not available in the Google Play Store. Non-advertising YouTube use conflicts with Google’s business model or Play Store guidelines. However, NewPipe is available for download on the alternative app Store F-Droid. Apart from this, the app can be used கிதுப் Download Tamil. To install an APK file, you must allow it to be installed from unknown sources. You will receive updates later using the integrated update function.

Disadvantages of the New Pipe

As usual, the benefits of the New Pipe are not without restrictions. Thanks to New Pipe you can see the comments below the videos, but you can not write new ones because you do not have to sign in to YouTube. Likewise, no likes and dislikes can be distributed. So if you want to support your favorite news site or your favorite content creator, you need to think about which application you are using. They rely on advertising space, ideas and funding options to keep the offer free for you. Incidentally, the ad block function cannot be turned off in New Pipe to support individual video creators.

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