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Giuseppe Lupo

Lobo: What does Musumeci consider a “very hard red zone”? Again he is fulfilling his responsibilities “

“It’s true, there are still minority citizens who do not respect the rules, but from a president of the region who serves as the Govt commissioner, we expect more than just retaliation. Musumasi cannot continue to blame the ‘other on duty’ for trying to cover up his incompetence.” Giuseppe Lupo is considering a “red zone” in Sicily with the most drastic measures regarding the recent statements of the head of the Nello Musumasi region.

“It is everyone’s duty to be prudent in respecting the rules – including Lubo – but instead of seeing what’s immobile, Muzumeci begins a new phase of collaboration and compares with the orders of doctors and clinicians to share the epidemic and end the health chaos in Sicily.”

“If Lubo is not finished – he is not convinced that the only way to stop the cove is to close all of us at home. He implicitly admits that he has lost the health and institutional challenge in Sicily on all fronts.”

Lobo: What does Musumasi consider a “hard red zone”? Again he is fulfilling his responsibilities “
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