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Officially teases "a new generation" of Microsoft OS

Officially teases “a new generation” of Microsoft OS

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is laying the groundwork for the arrival of the Sun Valley. He also explains that he tested it for several months.

Source: Microsoft Annual Conference This Week Microsoft, Create 2021. But don’t expect to hear about the next version Windows 10, Sun Fence, The company plans to announce its new OS separately.

This option did not prevent Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella from mocking the upcoming announcement during a built-in 2021 keynote address yesterday morning, where he revealed he was testing. “This Next Generation Windows” Since a few months. This is the first time Microsoft has spoken publicly about it We already had a job offer published the day before in our ears.

We will soon share one of the most important Windows updates of the last decade to open up more economic opportunities for developers and creators. I ‘ve been testing it myself for the past few months and am incredibly excited about next generation Windows.

Developers of shortcuts

Not once in a while, we feel like Microsoft has registered Renewed interest in the system. Its CEO specifically wanted to address the developers:

Our promise is this: We will create more opportunities for every developer on Windows, and welcome all creators looking for the most innovative, new and most open source platform for creating, distributing and monetizing applications. We look forward to telling you very soon.

In order to win back the developers, Microsoft has promised a big change Microsoft Store In recent months, As well as significant interface changes such as rounded corners on new icons and interface elements.

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A broad change?

More specifically, Microsoft wants to make its store accessible at all levels. For example, developers can submit any Windows application. By the way, the commission paid by Microsoft Revised downwards by 12% for games And 15% for applications.

We also note that the CEO mentions “Next generation windows. As soon as the introduction of Windows 10X was canceled As happened last week, it is safe to wonder if Windows has not produced a deeper evolution of its OS.

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