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Atlanta BC  Konami announces long-term partnership with

Atlanta BC Konami announces long-term partnership with

Kolami Digital Entertainment PV announces the signing of a long-term and exclusive partnership agreement with Atlanta Bergamaska ​​Calcio (“Atlanta”). The top football club in Italy finished third this season.

As an “Official Video Game Partner”, Konami holds the exclusive rights to use the Atlanta License. This includes the team name, coat of arms and playing attire that Konami can use exclusively in real-time football simulations from the 2021/22 season.

Noki Morida, President of Konami Digital Entertainment PV, commented:

“As we prepare to announce the future of eFootball PES franchise, I am pleased to announce this exclusive partnership with Atlanta BC. Atlanta BC is a truly impressive football club that is at the forefront of European gaming. Working with our partner clubs. “

Luca Pergosy, CEO of Van Atlanta BC, Choctaw:

“We are delighted to announce this partnership with Konami. As an international brand, Konami does not need an introduction, so it is an important growth factor for Atlanta. “

Based in Bergamo, Italy, Atlanta has played in the best Italian football leagues for over 60 years and has an enthusiastic fan base in Europe. Over the past two seasons, the team has advanced to the quarterfinals and has been in the last 16 of the popular European tournaments.

Konami’s latest partnership announcement for the e-football PES series follows previous agreements with Italian organizations, including the Italian Football Association, AS Roma, Lazio and SSC Napoli.

Here is a complete list of all licenses currently available at EFootball PES:

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