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New in iPados 15: iPhone processors can now be opened in natural mode as well

New in iPados 15: iPhone processors can now be opened in natural mode as well

Not all apps available in the App Store are compatible with iPhones and iPods at the same time. A popular example is the social networking site Instagram, whose use is currently only available for the iPhone. Since the release of the first iPad, iPhone applications can still be installed on Apple tablets, but until recently it was necessary to change the tablet to portrait mode when opening, as iPhone processors cannot be used in landscape mode.

With the release of the iPadOS 15, this minor flaw has now been removed. If you want, you can now view iPhone apps in iPod landscape mode without turning on the tablet. Apple provides an extension function to display the minimum height to fill the iPhone processor screen.

IPhone games in particular can benefit

IPhone – For optimal view the app is constantly appearing on the screen, there is definitely a lot of free space on the left and right edge – even if the open iPhone app does not support landscape mode. Unfortunately, this is not the case on Instagram, but especially on some iPhone games where you have to get the best experience on the iPod with the new landscape display.

Of course, if you want, you can display the iPhone processor in portrait mode on the iPod. However, with the iPadOS 15, the tablet is given at least one better option to display pure iPhone apps in the most optimal way.

Do you have the iPhone processors that you usually use on the iPod? If so, what are they? From which app would you like the iPad adaptation? We look forward to your feedback.

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