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New Dark Ambassador trailer teases the game and spark for this sci-fantasy RPG clash

New Dark Ambassador trailer teases the game and spark for this sci-fantasy RPG clash

Polish Sports Studio event Horizon is proud to release the latest trailer for their upcoming RPG Dark Ambassador, which will give interested players a closer look at the two main characters of the game, Malacca and Kyla. Your journey begins with tragedy, and you face many difficult consequences – some dark messenger’s rich imagination will change the course of the world. Dark Ambassador is in development for PC, PS5, Xbox Series S / X, PS4 and Xbox One.

Dark Ambassador is a non-linear science-fiction RPG set in a world shaken by two differences between magic and technology. Alone or with a friend in a two-player co-op mode, players travel around the world using a spaceship based on their operations. Xian changes over time in the game, so decisions about where you want to go are often made up of what you do when you arrive, take quests or world events and upset the balance in this growing conflict.

When you land, the Dark Ambassador makes excellent tactical decisions with the ability to slow down or pause real-time warfare, and every moment marks the difference between success and failure. From Assassins to Engineers – and with strong RPG systems, players can customize the crew and their two main characters to suit their preferred playstyle.

Key Features:

Full Single / Co-op Campaign – Play Dark Ambassador completely alone or with a friend

-Story Quests, Page Quests and Custom Layout Dungeons – In addition to the main and side quests, there are dungeons that change layout and enemy patrol routes every time you step foot.

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– Join your plane with comrades – Appoint characters like Moon Elf Asami, comedian engineer, ex-Imperial soldier, well-known Elvan mercenary and many more

-Real-Time Combat – Tactics and the guys you choose are equally important in a combat setting, you can slow down and pause

-4 Basic Classes and 16 Special – Discover rare, hidden classes that can only be found in remote locations or through specialized searches

-Attendic RPG Systems – Testing and Modifying Your Sport Style: Mixing Skill Trees, Empowering Personal Skills and Using Extensive Craft with Research and Magic

-John’s World – Rich, intricate story and narrative with mature texts that shape Xian’s science-fiction world with 15 different biomes introducing a variety of game dynamics.

-Non-Linear RPG Story – Player Choices Affect the World: Destroy or Save It, and the stories that emerge will lead to different conclusions that reflect the characters’ personalities and choices

High Production Values ​​- Motion Capture Animations, Beautiful, Beautiful Places and Awesome Battle Effects – All 4kg

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