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Can I trust the new online casinos?

The gambling market on the Internet is developing dynamically. According to expert authoritative research in the field of gambling structure, each year in the Internet space appears about a hundred sites that offer Norwegians access to a variety of gambling for money. Each of them seeks to gain an audience, using all available means. However, it must be understood that not every new nettcasino is worthy of one hundred percent trust.

The benefits of diversity

Most people who regularly visit a certain network institution, sooner or later begin to get tired of one site. Of course, the owners of online casinos are well aware of this and try to diversify the gaming process in every possible way – hold tournaments, offer lucrative casino bonus and raffle prizes, buy new slot machines, and so on. However, man is so built that sometimes he needs something new to refresh a little and feel a taste for life. 


It is this human quality that the creators of the new online casinos are counting on. Unfortunately, of the newly arrived on the market sites a large number are frankly weak on many counts:

  • A modest selection of slot machines;
  • Lack of promising game modes, such as Live with live croupiers and players;
  • problems with major payment systems (this applies to bitcoin casino), которые достаточно консервативны and prefer to deal with proven large resources;
  • the high level of competition forces you to spend a lot of money on advertising, saving on programmatic improvements to the resource;
  • ill-conceived bonus policy can either scare away potential players or attract bonus-hunters, both of which are almost a disaster for the institution.
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Yes, the difficulties one has to face when opening a new online casino are enough. However, the gambling business simply cannot stand still, so even among young resources there are those that manage to make their way to the top of the rankings. Most often, it is not the fruit of random luck, but the result of competent work and a calculated strategy on all the above points.

The future is for the young

Despite the obvious difficulties and great competition, new sites like have a number of advantages that play to their advantage. Gamblers looking for new sites with new features have appreciated:

  • The more flexible stance of the administrations of the new casinos on the issue of bonuses. A fresh look has led to the emergence of new varieties of rewards, relaxation of conditions on traditional bonuses and a more complete return on these gifts for players;
  • Some young casinos, among the most successful ones, are establishing direct cooperation with the studios that develop software for online gambling. As a result, on these sites, new games appear in the first place, often with exclusive conditions and offers;
  • In terms of financial transactions, many new sites have relied on cryptocurrencies. Those casinos, which managed to implement the idea competently and to correctly implement blockchain transaction technologies, got a noticeable advantage at once;
  • newcomers in the market are often not bound by traditions and entrenched habits, which allows a broader view of many issues and more often decide to experiment. Of course, most such experiments fail, but those that succeed can create a name for a new site and attract a larger audience.
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There is no need to be afraid of new online casinos, you should only carefully examine their offers and features. For such study it is very convenient to use the welcome bonuses, which such sites generously give out.