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Netflix Games: 2 new ones now added

You can open from November 2021 Netflix games too Play. The offer is not great yet, but more and more games are being added gradually. Now two new ones have been added.

These new Netflix games are here

Android Police Reported Two new Netflix games have been added. We have already discovered Arcanium: Rise of Akhan (2021) and Krispee Street (2022) in mobile applications.

Netflix describes the games as follows:

Organium: Made by Rise of Akon Supercombo Inc. and for single players. In the strategic game you can expect an open world adventure in which you choose yourself heroes to save the world of Arzu.

The Rise of Achan ” debt: Screenshot /

Crispy Street Frosty is for pop musicians and singles. Once you have downloaded the game, no internet connection is required. Here’s what it’s all about: “There are hundreds of weird characters and objects (in a good way) that move the popular webcam-based hidden object game.”

Crispy Street
“Crispy Street” debt: Screenshot /

Keep this in mind in Netflix games

If you have a Netflix subscription, the games will be added to the subscription. You can download games as well as other applications. No ads and no extra fees or in-app purchases.

Tap “Download Game” and you will be redirected to the App Store. Then you need to select “Install”. The game will be installed on your smartphone just like a normal app.

Apart from Netflix games, these movies and series will be new to Netflix in January 2022. The all-season Netflix series recently won the streaming service.

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Quelle: Android Police, Netflix

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