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Employee reactions after the acquisition of Microsoft

Employee reactions after the acquisition of Microsoft

Mega Acquisition of Microsoft Activision Blizzard Apparently it made not only the players but also the employees of the company talk a lot, Jason Schreier gathered some evidence for this occasion. Emotions arose after the announcement of the new ownership.

A Bloomberg correspondent (formerly Cotagu) reports that Activision heard some of his contacts during the blizzard, In general the staff seems to be happy Based on the positive model of some of the studios owned by Microsoft, we hope that this will lead to a change in the work culture in Activision.

Activision and Microsoft seem to have very specific plans at the end of the transaction (which will not end before June 2023) All the activities of the company will be guided by Phil Spencer (Chairman of the new Microsoft Gaming Group) When Bobby Kodik will no longer be the CEO of Activision.

The treatment assigned to Cody seems to have sparked excitement within the company, which, according to Bloomberg, will lead Bobby Activation as CEO until the acquisition is complete, only to be free to leave at that time. And in any case obviously one should enjoy Substantial severance pay of more than $ 350 million.

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