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Near the correct score in Fomitsu

Near the correct score in Fomitsu

After the announcement Hodges PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S. And as the first day entry on the Xbox GamePass list was confirmed, the highly acclaimed Indy Rising Sun won, especially in its version for the Nintendo Switch.

Well known Japanese magazine Famitsu Has actually rated the production Supergiant game In its latest issue, it gives an important recognition to the topic. In its incarnation for Nintendo’s hybrid console, Hades In particular, it has received widespread praise from editorial staff. According to the tradition of the Japanese newspaper, four editors contributed to provide the final quality, it is The goal of the right score is approaching. With two 10/10 and two 9/10, Roughly has won a valuable one 38/40.

From the pages Famitsu, Is also being praised for the latest fighting game section of the Guild Gear series. The newspaper actually gained a recognition Crime Gear: Fight One vote equals one 34/40, Is achieved by assigning two 8/10 and two 9/10 to the title The arc system works. We remind you that for all the details about the most recent incarnation of the series, the rich are available on everyone’s pages Crime Gear Review: Strive Edited by our Antonello “Shiacisembre” Gita.

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