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NASA suspends all contact with Mars for two weeks - that's why

NASA suspends all contact with Mars for two weeks – that’s why

HoustonThe space agency will not contact the NASA fleet on Mars for the first two weeks this Saturday. This was announced by NASA. Explorations such as curiosity, diligence and ingenuity, rovers and landers will then be hard to achieve anyway because at this time the sun is moving between Mars and Earth. This galaxy is called the “solar link”.

Magnetic fields near the sun and electric radiation can cause problems for Mars radio. NASA commands will arrive in the wrong direction for probes and rovers on Mars. At worst, it can lead to perseverance and failures in the organization. So that one of the more expensive rovers does not accidentally drill into its own wheel, NASA makes it stand still.

NASA Navy is busy during contact break

During the radio silence, Mars rovers and other engines were not on display in any way. Diligence will continue to take weather measurements, monitor dust mites and make new audio recordings. Its predecessor, Curiosity, has been on Mars since 2011, performing similar tasks and measuring radiation – all without moving. Lander Insight is still listening to Marscake, and the brilliant helicopter is on the ground, sending data to the diligent rover on a weekly basis.

Collected images, audio recordings and data, which cannot be sent to Earth, must be stored and then arrive in Houston with a slight delay. Presumably on October 16, NASA will finally break the silence and send the first signals back to the red planet. Then the holiday for the Navy on Tuesday is over.

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