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Jonathan David, Lille - Olympique de Marseille

Marseille: Possible lines, channel and time of match

On Sunday October 03, 2021, LOSC welcomes the Olympic de Marcelli from 5:00 pm at the Pierre Moro Roy Stadium. On which channel will the 9th day match of League 1 be telecast? What are the songs of Jocelyn Gorvenneck and George Sampoli? What was League 1 schedule that day? Lily – We tell you everything you need to know before the Marseille meeting begins.

Lily confronts Olympique de Marseille, Pierre-Mauroy, within the framework of Lique’s 9th day. The ninth, third, and northerly training in the three lengths of the Punches-to-Ron club is aiming for a third consecutive victory. The State de Reims (2-1) and Strasbourg (2-1). Last Wednesday, Jocelyn Gorvenneck’s players bowed out for Red Bull Salzburg ‘s Austrian ground (1-2) for the second day of the Champions League group stage, despite Karim Ademi’s double. From Brock Yilmas. The current French champion is challenging a Marseille club, which, despite doubling down from Dimitri Payet last weekend, conceded their first defeat of the season in the league against racing club de Lens (2-3) at Velotrom. On Thursday, Jorge Sampoli’s men were held to a 1-0 draw by Galatasaray’s Turks during the second day of the Europa League group stage.

Lily – OM Team List

Lily would have composed without Leo Jordim or Renato Sanchez. Opposite, you can count on Olympique de Marcei, Popcar Camara and Arcadius Milik, the Polish striker, who played the first minutes of the season against Galatasaray.

LOSC, Jocelyn Corwenneck Possible Team Organization: Kirby – Celik, Fonde, Bodman, Reinildo – Icona, Yassi, Onana, Pamba – David, Weh.

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Om, George Sampoli’s Possible Team Organization: Lopez – Salipa, Gonzalez, Perez – Lerola, Camara, Cue, Kunduz, de la Fuente – Ünder, Payet.

LOSC – OM: On which channel?

Lily – Marseille match will be broadcast live Canal + Decale 5:00 p.m.. To watch the match between LOSC and Olympic de Marcello, you must subscribe to the Canal + Décalé subscription. If there is still ambiguity about the TV rights of the Like 1, it is currently Amazon Prime and Canal +, which will broadcast 100% of the matches of the French Championship for the 2021-2022 season. To see Lilly-Marseille in legal streaming, France has only one solution: subscribe to one of the Canal + Decal solutions. We will tell you more below.

Score Lily – Marseille

Can’t watch this match live on TV or streaming? Is Pierre still less likely to be at Mauroy Stadium? So, follow the LOSC – OM score in our results section. Goals, cards, changes … Follow the game minute by minute and do not miss the match between LOSC and Olympique de Marcello.

How to watch League 1 this season?

To watch 100% League 1 this season, you need two offers: Amazon Prime + Pass League 1 (you can access 80% of the matches, including Sundays at 8:45pm and seven matches) and Canal + Two: Saturdays 9:00 pm 5:00 pm on Sundays and Sundays. One ultimate solution for everyone (whether they subscribe for free or not) is to download the free app “Ligue 1 Uber Eats”. You can not watch Like 1 games live, but you can access the best action and goals almost live. Other League 1 matches will take place this Sunday, October 03, 2021. The full TV show is here:

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