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My Best Christmas Gift: Nintendo Wii

My Best Christmas Gift: Nintendo Wii

If you think the current PS5 stock shortage is a headache, let me take you back to 2006 – a time when the idea of ​​having to wear a mask at any time other than social media, smartphones and Halloween, but also the appearance of Nintendo’s seventh gen console: Wii.

A unique motion-sensor control input, a new Legend of Zelda title and a name that will only make you laugh when you first hear it, unlike anything we ‘ve seen before, Christmas 2006, which anyone loved.

For note, I was 14 at the time – it may have been too old to be as excited as I was, but the expectation was through the roof. Like the DS before that, Wee promised to change the concept of gaming by focusing on motion controls, and at the time I felt the possibilities were endless.

We’ve seen people use Link’s sword and aim guns at Red Steel to play the Wii remote, and it’s not hard to imagine using a light saver or controlling Samus Aran’s hand-cannon long ago. Even a simple thing like throwing your hand upwards to throw a bowling ball at Wii Sports seemed like a dream come true. The only problem is that all the other kids on the planet had the same ideas.

Nintendo is well known for creating stock shortages among its eagerly awaited products, all of which are intended to be even more motivating, but by the tail end of 2006, getting your hands on a weave seemed mathematically impossible.

For the sake of my little brain, I came up with the idea that getting a weave for Christmas is a long way off. Even my dad, who somehow managed to get his hands on a BSP before it was officially released in the UK, felt we-manic stress. For most parents across the country, Nintendo’s latest console is gold dust.

As Christmas Day rolled by, one of the first gifts I unwrapped was a copy of Ramon Raving Rabbits for Week. My parents say they wanted to quickly dive in and have some Wii games on hand so that when the console finally comes back in stock, I can get into gaming right away.

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With a small pile of rabbits, Tony Hawks’ Downhill Jam and, of course, The Legend of Zelda: The Princess of Twilight, I’m deeply thankful to my parents that I was ready to break some of the classic GameCube habits when my dad came back from another room. Nintendo Wii in his hands. I could not believe my eyes.

Somehow or another, my dad was able to bargain with the local gaming store (shout to eBay Pinchley) and defended the console himself. Ever since accepting my destiny I have now seen a Nintendo Wii in front of me – I am Nintendo 64 baby In steroids, it was a Christmas experience I will never forget.

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