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The classic Nintendo 64 Game Clover is back

The classic Nintendo 64 Game Clover is back

A new tweet from Game Studio Pico Interactive indicates that the obscure N64 proprietary Clover may be back in the future.

Although desired Banjo Kasui, perfect dark And Conger’s Worst Fur Day Following the introduction of the N64 into the classics, many obscure owners of the site were less successful. However, an N64 operating system found one that followed a cult Clover, The 1998 game is seen by many as a beloved childhood classic.

Back in 2017, Pico acquired Interactive rights Clover The owner, teasing in 2018, looks to send the original game to Steam and work on its canceled sequel. The developer was quiet Clover Until last week, when I tweeted a picture of the original N64 card for the game, I asked, “What stretch targets do you want to see in Clover Kickstarter?”

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It looks like the studio is preparing to revive the rights through a crowd-funded campaign, hoping that Clover will come to light again with a new title. Recommendations for Kickstarter Stretch Goals include silk toys Clovers Named character, the physics copy of the game reflects its N64 box art, and digital soundtrack, along with many fun goodies based on character. It will be puzzling to see if the studio’s kickstarter is focusing on reviving that project, as Pico Interactive teases that it’s eager to finish the abandoned sequel to the game that first entered development in 1999. Clover2 It is said to be far from in development before being recorded.

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For those unfamiliar with the N64 operating system, Clover The soldiers accepted the role of a magical four-fingered glove as he tried to save his kingdom from being destroyed by his evil rival Cross-Stitch. To thwart his plans, the soldiers had to go into situations and collect crystals to help recover Clover’s house, avoiding enemies at all times and climbing into dangerous situations. It has generally received positive reviews from many and is often considered a vague gem.

Industrial trends are currently making big returns for older owners – with Deactivation Pondicherry, Spyro the Dragon, And Destroy all humans All support that new passion – now is a better time than ever Clover Make its comeback. Nothing is currently confirmed, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the Pico Interactive Twitter page in the coming weeks to see what’s coming up in this recommended crude funding campaign. Hopefully that means fans Clovers The short stage in the platform scenes of the late 90s is set to take on a new adventure in its strange universe.

A Clover Is assumed to be in continuous development.

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