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Nintendo likes players' opinions on the Legend of Zelda games

Nintendo likes players’ opinions on the Legend of Zelda games

Nintendo has shared two questions for fans of the Legend of Zelda games this week, to see what kind of games and features are best in those games. Polls had questions that differed only from a few more specific questions from broader topics such as 2D vs. 3D games, but they all received a lot of votes from players so far. Some of the legends of Zelda fans are such confident questions that will help shape some of the future content we get from the franchise.

Below is the legend of shared Zelda-themed questions to measure the “player’s pulse” as Nintendo calls it. Nintendo first wanted to know if people liked 2D games or 3D games, and then asked which of the four songs people would listen to. The final question asked people to choose between a sword or bow when asked what they felt most satisfying about using and defeating enemies.

For those who have not yet taken the poll, 3D games precede the first question, which accounts for more than 80% of the more than 40,000 votes at the time of writing. “Zelda’s Lullaby” leads to the second question, while more people prefer to use swords than bows in the final query.

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Questions will be addressed later in the next episode of the Nintendo Power Podcast, but some of the respondents to the tweets believe the answers will be more than the talking points in the future. It is very inevitable to see more 3D legends of Zelda games, but many are confident that even though 2D games are lagging behind in votes, we will see more of them. The other two questions seem to be mostly fun, but people are optimistic about the first question regardless of the results.

The next new example of the Legend of Zelda franchise will be released soon on November 20th Hirol Warriors: Age of Disaster Startups for the Nintendo Switch.