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Best Nintendo Christmas Jumpers and Ugly Sweaters

Best Nintendo Christmas Jumpers and Ugly Sweaters

Do you hear that? That jingle bell-ding drone is inevitable. Boxes of socks and deodorant will be gifted to you this holiday season and you can be sure that there will be an ugly festive jumper somewhere. Yes, even if Grandma had changed the thermostat to the maximum, and Dad had lit the fire, you were going to sit there, it was a beautiful, itchy, woolly dream. Koman, this is tradition!

Yes, it’s Christmas time, but don’t be afraid. If you To Wear a festive abomination at home or at an office party, why not make it a little more fun this year? Nintendo related knitwear – especially sweaters – is available this Christmas, which will make everyone happy. Whether it’s an officially licensed number or a Besfok product made just for you, you’ll be sharper than usual at these fun, festive fashions.

Below you will find the best / worst Nintendo related Christmas jumpers on the web – perfect for sewing on someone else’s ugly Christmas sweater.

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Is there anything that takes away your luxury? You can always go digital and avoid fear altogether. If so, make sure Grandma – or anyone who insists on buying knitwear for exactly half the day of the year, then sits on the shelves and takes up the right amount of space for the rest of the time – check this out before they pick up the usual itchy clothes. Everyone wants a better one!