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Musicless World – Cyberpunk RPG Keylogger Appears for Nintendo Switch – ntower

In a quiet world where music is forbidden, B0B0 serenates evil officers along with the jukebox drummer rocket to tear the strings of destiny and sing the song of freedom in this relentless, twist-based rhythm JRPG.

Keylogger is a turn-based cyberbank rhythm JRPG inspired by the Mario & Luigi RPG series and the Chrono Trigger. You play the singer and songwriter Bobo. Use the power of music to direct your moves on this ruthless planet by making your rhythm game-style moves in real time! Fight against the authorities, reveal the secrets of Saturn, play in the concerts of your own bands and hack into the network to put an end to this corrupt system – whatever happens.


  • Control the electricity with your own music! Change them to attack or defensive as needed and switch between different moves and tactics.
  • Classic turn-based combat with a twist: Execute rhythm game-style movements in real time, aim accurately, wait for the right moment for your attacks and stop your enemies on this relentless planet.
  • No opportunities; Fight your enemies in unrestricted world wars inspired by Chrono.
  • Make friends or betray them by hacking their profiles for evidence or changing the course of many final stories.
  • Play with your band with the friends you made at the mini-game “Music Show”, Psamathes sang to the tune of Electropier (Momodora, Virgo vs. The Zodiac).
  • But watch out for the danger meter! Clardynt Church police will certainly pursue treacherous individuals who do not respect the law of silence.
  • Fully customize your writing with various tools; Unlocks special skills with the keys you received from the enemies you removed in battle.
  • Personal relationships with every object in the world: Saturn’s exploration can lead to secrets, rewards, or whole units of knowledge about the planet.
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| Saturn, Anno 801. Music has been banned for 141 years now. |

B0B0 One of the Double Gangers, twins who were born as perfect human beings to obey the purpose of their assigned caste. Your job is to serve the lower caste for the prosperity of Saturn, but B0B0 does not fully accept it. In the midst of a revolution against the “Saturnian satellites”, the final form of the law, B0B0 learns of a newly invented music robot who, as a drummer, fits perfectly with their illegal band. She was only good at using music to rebel against the corrupt system, and she only needed a drummer to join the mob of outsiders. Now that everything is in its place she wants to break some of the rules and discover the truth of the essence keylogger of music.