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MRC des Pascue launches call for projects in cultural animation

MRC des Pascue launches call for projects in cultural animation

MRC des Pasques, through its Cultural Development Agreement, initiates a call for projects in cultural animation to inspire and enliven the community.

The call for projects targets artists and artisans, non-profit organizations or cooperatives and municipalities or municipal officials of MRC des Pascu. Supported projects should contribute to the cultural vitality of the community and promote citizens ’access and access to the arts and culture. Representation of the region will also be considered from the side of the artists in selecting projects.

Projects undertaken between 1There is July 2021 and June 30, 2022

The Cultural Commission called for similar projects last year. During this time, projects can be carried out within a year, i.e. from 1There is July 2021 to June 30, 2022. Envelope increased. “We are fortunate to have a rich and vibrant cultural environment. With this invitation, we would like to give MRC’s artists and organizations the opportunity to present projects that enliven different audiences at different times of the year,” explains Bertin Denis, Chairman and Chairman of the Cultural Commission.

To submit any questions or requests, please contact Cultural Development Agent Vicky Vincent at 418 851-3206, extension 3137 or [email protected]. The form and invitation to the project document can be downloaded under the tab on the MRC des Basques website from May 7 in the MRC section. Management And Policies, Procedures and Plans. Plans can be submitted until noon on Friday, June 11th.