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Railway Empire: Japan is ready to go for expansion

Railway Empire: Japan is ready to go for expansion

Nchster Halt Nippon: Fr Railway Empire (From 14.42 In To purchase) The Japanese expansion on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One has been released for 12.99 euros. On the switch, the ninth additional content then runs.

“Railway Empire – Japan takes the series to Japan in the late 18th century [Sic!], In which an industrial revolution is growing and people’s calls for railroads across the country are getting louder and louder. After the successful restoration of the Meiji regime, the long-term goal of the Land Rising Sun to create its own modern, nationwide railway network has become a reality. People from formerly feudal regions have been waiting a long time to travel to emerging cities. Players can build tracks between mountains and hot springs, and with foresight, planning and a clever strategy, can build a railway network that enables “great travel” and thus leads Japan into a new industrial era “The publisher writes.

Railway Empire – Includes “Rising Sun” (1870 to 1890) and “Torque Tracks” (1900 to 1920) in Japan and three new Japan maps (Total, Central and SD) in free game and sandbox mode. Other features:

  • “8 historic engines, such as the D51 Djokovic, Class 9600 Kyrgyz or Class 8620 Husqvarna.
  • 28 new commodities (e.g. order and rice) and 35 new cities.
  • New ticket feature that can run on all Railway Empire cards: The new system offers options for interacting with your passengers – so you can keep tourists and travelers happy with the services.
  • 11 historical landmarks of Japan (e.g. Osaka Fort, Pepu’s Hells and Itzukushima Temple).
  • New pieces of music, numerous unique Japanese themed buildings and revised writing mini-portraits. “

Update 1.14.0 to the main game:

  • “Additional color variations have been added for the trees to reflect the change of seasons (flowers).
  • Added preview pylon that takes up space while holding the shift key while the track is floating.
  • Added a preview pylon that takes place at the end of parallel tracks.
  • The minimum threshold for placing pylons in the tracks was removed.
  • Fixed a bug where the tracks sometimes did not connect properly when creating a cross section.
  • Tracks that do not have an owner do not automatically belong to the player when the save game is loaded. “

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