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WhatsApp will disappear on May 15: Why here

WhatsApp will disappear on May 15: Why here

WhatsApp has been updated, and if you do not want to accept the new terms of service, you will have some bitter surprises.

Next May 15, The popular instant news site updates its Terms of Use, i.e. Terms of Service. Nothing special, it may seem to you.

Nevertheless, a routine renewal, without its effects, may consume unprecedented tears in between. Share And its users. Will malfunctions, glitches and conflicts really affect its popularity?

So far, during the controversy that has erupted in recent months, user confusion has been a concern Privacy. At the center of the controversy is the issue of data sharing with Facebook.

But now there is a lot more.

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WhatsApp and T-Day of May 15, 2021

WhatsApp profile photo
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Despite the promises that the accounts will not be deleted, WhatsApp basically keeps the user ahead A serious and uncompromising choice.

From May 15, you can choose between accepting new terms and greatly reducing the functionality of the application.

Heavy Limitations They are unable to read and send messages. It is still possible to receive and send calls, but only for a limited time. After May 15, chat history will no longer be exported to Android or iPhone. Will the account statement be downloaded? Not even.

That is the only possibility that exists in practice Delete your account, Irreversible. By sacrificing the news archive, backup activities and participation in all groups.

So WhatsApp has responded to users’ controversy with an iron fist. Even Frequently Asked Questions Explaining the changes with the new Terms of Service does not allow grievances to be appealed. Listen to the news and download your account statement before May 15. Instructions for deleting the account are explained.

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Many may be forced to choose between controversial new terms of use and users of the application Drop the WA. After all, the offer of instant news sites is richer than ever. What’s going to happen? You will have to wait for more than five days to find this out.