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Model 730 and Earnings 2021: How to Download Models, Extended Timelines and Variations

2021 tax revenue season officially begins with new deadlines and extensions already announced by MEF

For the 2021 tax return for the 2020 tax year, everything is now ready. Templates, normal and pre-filled are recognized, some of which are already available to users who can download from the web with relevant instructions for the correct package.

As a rule, in 2021 we will start with the 730 model, which is commonly used by employees and has an employer who acts as a suspension agent.

In recent years, the 730 model without replacement has also become very popular, which has become the perfect alternative to the income PF model.

In fact, there are some significant differences between the return model and the 730 model, however, the 730 model is considerably thinner, with no replacement.

Tax Income 2021 with Form 730

As expected, the 730 model can be used primarily by employees (but also retirees). In 2021, it is necessary to report 730 income data related to tax year 2020, assets, family structure and deductible or deductible fees. In practice, to give some examples, it is necessary to include the income received and reported income for single certificates 2021 (2020 income) and expenses incurred from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020.

The Revenue Agency will make the pre-filled version of Form 730 available to taxpayers from next April 30 (but the support order will be postponed to May 10).

The pre-filled sample can be submitted by next September 30, except for additional extensions that are not currently extended. The presentation is possible for the Revenue Agency, either through its Tax Assistance Center (CAFE), through a qualified professional (accountants and the like) or through one’s employer and retaining agent.

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Pre-filled tax returns are not mandatory because taxpayers are free to choose to file tax returns, so even with the normal form 730/2021.

Even for the normal version, the deadline is 30 September 2021, and the presentation can be done by the cafe, qualified professionals or suspension agents. Of course, professionals and cafes are the subjects that help taxpayers fill out the form, while if you choose to submit through your employer, the normal 730 form must already be completed.

The new 730 model has some new features

In strict physical terms, the 730 model has very few differences from previous versions. What changes are coming from the innovation of the legislator who introduced as usual the new offers like 110% super bonus or tax wedge cut.

When reducing the tax wedge, two different scenarios can operate based on the taxpayer’s income. In fact, those earning up to ,000 28,000 are entitled to ancillary treatment, while those earning between, 28,001 and 50,000 are entitled to an additional tax deduction in addition to those generally payable on the employee’s income.

The so-called super bonus 110%, taxpayers are entitled to a deduction increase for expenses from July 1, 2020 to June 20, 2020. We are talking about the costs of interventions related to energy efficiency, sustainable integration and reduction. Seismic risk of buildings. The bonus on the facade that entitles you to the 90% deduction spent from January 1 to December 31, 2020 for the arrangement of the exterior facades of buildings is important.

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For the first time, tax credit for the purchase of an electric scooter, expenses for subscriptions to public transportation and other types of electric movement provided by the legislature are included in tax revenue. For those who use it, with 730, keep in mind that you can redeem a portion of the holiday bonus, which was suspended after the last vacation (those 2020) spent on accommodation and discounts offered by the hotel.

Differences with income model 2021, deadline and 730 model

As mentioned, the 730 has become a perfect alternative even for those who do not have self-employed agents who need to use the income PF model. For example, we are talking about a worker who loses his job, or in July, the month commonly referred to as the beginning of tax changes, he is not sure if he will find a tax replacement.

Tap the box on the title page of the model where 730 says without alternative. Naturally the title page needs to be blank, with lots of employer data to enter, including address, VAT or tax code, email address and fax.

For those wishing to use the Income PF 2021 sample, it should be emphasized that if the presentation is presented in paper form by sending it to the Revenue Agency by Italian Post, it must be submitted between May 2nd and next June 30th. Office. If the presentation is done electronically, whether interested taxpayers handle it directly or if you use qualified professionals and cafe, the deadline is November 30, 2021. Revenue model and 730 model can be downloaded electronically from the Revenue Agency website.

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The significant difference between the two models is related to the profile of the taxpayer who cannot use the 730 model. In fact, taxpayers who appear to have received business income by tax year 2020 are obligated to choose the PF income model. Self-employment income, capital income or other financial income.