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The new film shows us the beauty of the world of co-ops and sports -

The new film shows us the beauty of the world of co-ops and sports –

With a castle in the distance, three Elton Ring players look at the horizon

Elton Ring He will not be with us until January 2022, but in the meantime the social profile of the game reveals small parts of the adventure that awaits us. Now, the group has shared one New movie It shows the beauty of the cooperative and the sports world.

The picture was shared on Twitter and linked with the caption “Friendship among the lightless is a loving gift in this harsh land”. As we can see in the picture Hero In the center of the Elton Ring, in European armor, are two letters in red / orange on the right and left. The two characters have completely different armor, one of which was inspired by a Japanese samurai character.

L ‘Setting up We see this picture, which includes a view of the Elton Ring, rocky valleys, bright trees, and large buildings and structures. In the distance we can see a fort, but on the right we can also see a fort with a bridge. On the left, we see a small building, probably a church, because it looks like a bell tower.

This movie doesn’t tell us much, of course, it doesn’t add any specific information to what we already know about this game, but it does remind us again that there must be (more) Miyazaki’s souls. Played together Other players, Or with the help of AI-controlled players.

We also know that the Elton Ring will have “Ubisoft Style” towers that have the same functionality as Assassin’s Creed. Finally, in our opinion the Dark Souls Nightfall is the best way to wait for the Elton Ring.

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