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Apple iPhone: This is what the white dots on the weather app mean

Apple iPhone: This is what the white dots on the weather app mean

Apple iPhone

Apple has hidden white spots in many places from the iPhone’s weather app. We will explain to you what this is about.

The weather app on the iPhone provides practical additional information with the help of white dots. (Source: Netsweld)

  • There is a white dot in three different places in the weather app on the iPhone.
  • It provides additional information on temperature, UV value, sun condition and air quality.

The iPhone has a weather app Apple Has grown steadily over the past few years. It now provides significant additional information. For example, with iOS 15, a Weather radar integrated, Which provides you with information about rainfall, temperature and air quality.

However Weather application Almost self-explanatory, as there are some hidden functions that are incomprehensible to everyone at first glance.

This certainly includes the white spots you may have already noticed on the 10 day forecast. You can find them by opening the weather app and scrolling down a bit.

Information on current temperature, air quality and more

The first white dot is within the forecast for the current day between the minimum and maximum temperatures. This indicates where the current temperature is lowest and highest.

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Further down in the app you can see the white dot for air quality, sunset and UV code. Here’s how it works. The point is to show you what the air quality and UV code is at this time.

This can be useful, for example, if you want to know if you should apply a little lotion before going out in the summer. With the “Sunset” tile you can read the current state of the sun and estimate when it will be high.

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