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Hawaii Bush Announcements for Applications with Google Firebase

Anyone with a Huawei smartphone or tablet released after “Google GAU” should have noticed that not only did the Playstore disappear, but some processors did not send push notifications. Due to the lack of Google Firebase cloud messaging service, some apps fall back on sending push notifications to the smartphone.

  • EBay Ads
  • EBay
  • Twitter
  • Contradiction
  • Outlook
  • Microsoft Groups
  • Kicker
  • Various banking applications
  • App
  • … many other applications

You will learn how to use your Huawei smartphone with the following instructions Without Google Playstore, Get Google Firefox push notifications. Apps will display notifications as usual on your lock screen and home screen.

Warning! These instructions will not work if Google Play Store is installed later. This guide is compatible with both Harmony OS and EMUI.

Image featuring Hawaii announcements

Credits: The method for setting up Bush notices has changed since Found. thank you very much!

How do the instructions work?

The instructions mainly use microglia. Microji is an open source software that allows you to access certain parts of the Google framework on your mobile phone without having to install the full “Google Guard”. Among other things, it enables MicroGee to receive Firefox Bush notifications.

After we set up the Microji app, we install the Aurora Store, an open source alternative to the Google Play Store. The Aurora Store downloads all the desired processors directly from the Google Play Store and installs them on the smartphone “actually” not available on the Google Play Store. This way, firstly, you guarantee that the applications are secure and, secondly, that you get Firebase Bush notifications.

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Step 1: Download Microji

  1. Go with your Huawei smartphone or tablet Microji website And download the “Service Core” and “Service Framework Proxy” processors from there.
    Microji Services Configuration Proxy Download
  2. Open the Files app, go to the Downloads folder and install both apps.
  3. You should now see the “Microji Settings” application on your home screen. Open the app.

Step 2: Configure Microji

  1. Activate the following services by setting the switch in the upper right corner to “On” on the respective page:
    1. Google Device Registration
    2. Google Cloud Messaging
    3. Google Security Web
  2. Select the “Self-verification” item, select “Allow” or, if not available, “Allow only during use” and enable the following settings. After that the settings should look like this:
    Microji self-examination
  3. Restart your smartphone or tablet now.

Step 3: Set up Aurora Store and install apps

  1. Download F-Droid Manufacturer website Download and install the app.
  2. Open the F-Droid app and search for “Aurora Store”. Install the app.
  3. Open Aurora-Store, give all permissions for use, and leave everything with standard settings. Sign in with your Google Account.
  4. Click the three-menu menu in the upper left corner of the Aurora Store’s main menu and select “Block List”. Blacklist “Microji Service Core” and “Microji Service Framework Proxy”.
  5. In the Aurora Store you can now download and install all the applications you want to receive Firefox Bush notifications.

Note 1: If you have previously installed apps from another source, I recommend removing them and reinstalling via Aurora Store. Firebase Bush notifications only work if they come directly from Google.

Note 2: If you continue to receive irregular notifications from a processor, go to the System menu Settings / Battery / App Start Disable automated administration for related applications.

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What a Late Fry for the Hawaiian Bush

You now need to get push notifications back through Harmony OS or EMUI on your Huawei smartphone or tablet. Under “Cloud Messaging” you can also set up apps that allow you to send push notifications in the “Microji Settings” processor.

If the instructions worked for you, feel free to comment on which app is now sending back notifications (or not).