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"Mirra is the right candidate"

“Mirra is the right candidate”

The breakdown in the 5-star movement in the Caserta provincial elections is sharpening. Following the clash between the Pradeshiya Sabha member Salvador Aversano And Senator Agostino Chandillo In support of Santa Maria Capua Veteran’s presidential candidate, Antonio MirraThe Pentastellado companion also spoke Giuseppe Boomben The “friend” is the one who actually kicked Aversano out. “Everyone knows that the 5 Star Movement never participated in this election – underscoring Poompana – but whoever does not see the new social and political context in the local, national and international context, places himself outside the realm and history. They will also be invited to play a leading role.It is clear that the 5 Star Movement wants to make its voice heard in key areas such as school construction, transportation, waste circulation management, in the province of Caserta, therefore, an open discussion has begun between institutional representatives at all levels, national, regional and municipal, maximum Define a shared strategy with participation and democracy Of course, this does not mean “I will do what I say, otherwise I will congratulate you.” Includes s. The benefit of the team “.

“I read the” j’accuse “against the M5S (for a change …) who allegedly supported Mayor Mirra in the next provincial election, after running for office in the last administration, in over – visionary provincialism. Starting from the fact that mayors and municipal councilors are called to renew the organs of this body where there are secondary elections to the progressive and reform perimeter.M5S It is clear that a field choice that looks at the presidential candidates will fall only on Antonio Mirra, the political circle that moved the Conte II government nationally Precisely represents.Vision can function better in the province of Caserta and in the countryside of Aversano, in particular: the territory I represent and the need for further restoration. Start filling in the blanks. The choice certainly does not fall on the center-right candidate, nor does it fall on the outgoing provincial president, perhaps more right than the center-right. With Mirra, we do not see a summary of the recent administration; its true. However, this cannot be a precedent for not seeking the shared political path at this provincial session. As I said before politics is about dialogue, conflict and effort. And citing consistency, for the most part, serves only as a moral justification for avoiding this attempt. I do not want to think that those who express unity in politics do so only to demand the quality of the soul. On the other hand, as someone said, someone who competes to be clean always cleanses you.

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“I take this opportunity to thank our municipal spokespersons for experiencing the unprecedented political change of this movement with great maturity. Rafael Avetta e Danilo Talento This hour shows great political depth. Provincial elections are not a testing ground for provincial councils. We are well aware of the numbers our city council members can express. But maybe someone didn’t see more; Did not see the highest political agenda. And it is. Some features and performance may be blinded by anxiety, you miss the target. You look at your finger without looking at the moon. The M5S is not split. Because provincial elections require a certain skill to break or break the M5S. As always we are looking for the best solution; With effort. We do not look to win the referendum. Let us select a field. As always. Because if you’re not on this side or the other side of the block, you’re the block, “concludes Giuseppe Bombay.