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"A big announcement" is coming next week -

PS4 and PS5 – Initial release date for fighting games on

Sifu Coming Soon: A move not often seen in the video game world, much less anticipated by Sloglob during this period Exit date Sifu’s, so come onFebruary 8, 2022, A few weeks earlier than previously announced.

We’re on the announced release date of Gamescom 2021 for Sloclap’s Kung Fu based fighting game exclusively on the PS5 and PS4: it was supposed to come on February 22nd, but apparently something prompted the developers. To change Released on February 8th. This “something” may be identified in a specific software game coming out on February 25, which may have prompted the team to strategically change their topic in less crowded time.

However, it is speculated that the move by Elton Ring, and the truth is that Sifu will arrive sooner than expected, which is even better news. To learn more about this particular topic, we look at the preview of the new game from Afzal’s creators, and the new release date may be the “big announcement” mentioned by the group a few days ago.

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