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Minecraft Höhlen-Update / Caves & Cliffs

Minecraft: The first caveat update is now available – ntower

How Mojang Already Last week The first part of the “Cave & Cliffs” update has been announced Minecraft Available on all current sites. With this in mind, the developers have released an animated trailer that has some innovations – with a special focus on finding the animal on the newly added goat.

So no more population More animals Your Game Worlds: The sweet oxolotl and goats mentioned now, who will happily chase you, you need to be very close with them. In addition to the previous squids, you will also find glowing squid in your game world.

To New modules Count all the items you could find or make in the new caves – drip leaves, sharp drop stones, shale slate, glowing cave dentrils with glowing berries, glowing lichens, beautiful azaleas, piercing roots, root earth, moss carpets and moss blocks. With the new amethysts you can now create a telescope and stained glass blocks. The refresh also adds a layer of powdered ice, which helps you sink as you get around.

One of the greatest inventions is perfection Fresh ore: Copper. It can be used to make copper blocks, stairs and steps or lightning rods so that your house is safe even during thunderstorms.

For more insight, check out the six new screen shots of the update:

Minecraft Game Gallery

What are your biggest highlights from the latest Minecraft update?