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An old disk revived an ancient secret Nintendo game

An old disk revived an ancient secret Nintendo game

Nintendo consoles have always been a beacon of mystery, apparently linked to video games created and secrets in cartridges distributed by various companies Imagine that behind this side branch of Nintendo is a whole community, which seeks to analyze and recover various data to find unpublished content Documents, disks and hard disks from the 80s and 90s. All the files, images and contents of these old media are scrutinized to bring even the secondary details to light, but they can restore the magnetism to the myth.

A slide brings to light some mysteries

Video Game History Foundation announces recovery of 3.5-inch floppy disk, a disk initially detected Marcus Lindblom, Translator who worked in the 1990s Nintendo of the United States.

In that medium the translator translated his translation notes from the roll-flaming video game Earthbound, from Japanese to English in Japan in 1994 and in the West in 1995. Super Nintendo Come Camboy Advance.

However, the translator overwritten data related to other works on that disk, which is why he turned to the VGHF page, which, with its more advanced data recovery tools, commonly used for forensic investigations, was able to retrieve the original data, giving interesting information about this 90 ‘classic development.

On the disk we have almost exclusive text content, however, which is not to be avoided, there are codes to create a ROM that can be used in modern prototypes, run cut sequences, and reconstruct textures and shapes.